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Canine and Equine Osteopathy

Canine Osteopathy

Osteopathy can be applied to all dogs with musculoskeletal problems. This includes your pet, working, agility and elderly dogs, as well as dogs recovering from surgery.


Osteopathic practice works on the whole structure, focusing on the primary problem as well as structures that can influence it. Treatment aims to find restrictions that have been compensating for another area and address these before they become symptomatic.


Equine Osteopathy

Osteopathy is beneficial for your competition horse - dressage, jumper, polo, hunter - as well as your general riding or retired horse.


The osteopathic approach takes into consideration the horse as a whole unit, examining all the structures that can influence the primary issue, as well as considering external factors like tack and rider imbalances. The aim is to help you and your horse perform as best possible in your chosen discipline. 




I took our 10 year old very active and speedy pointer cross, Lucy, to see Bianca for help with stiffness and obvious discomfort following exercise.  These bouts of discomfort were getting longer and were becoming an issue affecting Lucy’s enjoyment of life.  During treatment Bianca got to know Lucy and instead of pushing, she worked with her as far as Lucy’s tolerance would stretch to allow for an enjoyable experience.  Lucy became so relaxed with Bianca that she spent most of the appt time lying upside down while being treated.  We had two appts with Bianca and there is a remarkable lasting difference in how Lucy moves in general, her enjoyment returned, and I noticed she was a generally more relaxed and happy dog.  This is a very desirable alternative to daily medication for the same results.  We will return regularly for top up treatments to maintain the great results over a long period of time.



Our girl Pepper had been limping for a few weeks, after having a big day with her friends, and we were getting worried about her since we know she has problems with her elbow joint and it wasn’t getting better.

I remembered Bianca telling me that she was training to become a dog osteo and so contacted to ask if we could give it a try. I’m so glad that we did because I noticed improvements in Pepper’s mobility straight away and she also really seemed to enjoy it! 

Will definitely be visiting again and would highly recommend to anyone who is considering medical treatments to try this first! Or even if your baby has gone a bit too hard and feeling sore and stiff.

It’s definitely worth it.

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